Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Faces of Facebook

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P.S. Since FB is an world wide network, I wish to write this post in english. But I'm learner in english. So sorry If i make mistakes.

After being in FB for most of my time, Ifound few issues with FB's security and it is the another benefit i got from FB next to friends. I'm not sure its useful for you or not, you care for this or not. But i thought to share this with you. If you really cares pls take care of your profile.
Few friends... ya few are there in my friend list who keep on give friend request to unknown girl( profile only :P ) and they added to subscripers list. FB having suggest/known ppl tab and in which it shows list of ppl to whom which my friends are subscriped. Since I'm vetti enough, I used to enter in to profile to check who is that and who is this... At serious vetti hours, I come through few shocking profiles.
What I come through in that profile? That profiles are not secure profile. You could able to view thier photos.. Their shares... Their status. Few profiles profile picture were very beautiful. Shock was waiting for me(us actually) when we go through next photos...every photo are photo of different girls.  Most looks like some profile pic... [ Bad thing is if you read comments in that foto, you can see how our boys(sorry most of the cases) are been dried and longing for gal frnd ] Ya its a fake profile and they are been created with intention to share the photos.
How could they got this photos? Where did they get it? This were messing around my thoughts. At that time only saw some shares saying Faking with photos. [Hell to photoshop freaks]. So I spend my time to think and analyse through the security issues in FB photo/albums. And ya i found few.
Ya they have security. you can upload photos and make it visible only to your friends. others couldnt view that. But problem is Timeline concept [ Actually from twitter]. Consider you and i are friends, if you upload one album visible only to friends, I can able to see and If i clicked like or comment, that album/photo will come in my timeline and my friends can see that. So just a right click and save picture as is enough. And your albums are sharable not only comment/like able. You can believe your friends how could their friend list and timeline.
You are uploading one photo < ya visible to friends only> and tagging me. So now partially that photo is now own to me. So my friends are also included into that category friends only. So Again an issue.
Next one is cover photo. How many know that cover photo is public and we cant secure that. I guess many dont because most of them keeping their friends group photo as their cover photo and its an public and any one easily take it out.
For the timeline issue some options are there and you can disable your friends post seen by your friend in time line. That will prevent to max extends.
After privacy and plagerism issue created last year, FB is montoring it severly but unawaringly lots are happening and its hard to find until we take care of ourselves.
In addition to post i wish to add Narmada akka's comment with my points:
photo: actually if i keep security as freinds oly my freinds can see it… even if u like it it wont come in notification side bar unless the other person is a mutual fnd,
tagging in photos u can protect ur friends security jus by clicking the poto and changing to “hide from timeline” so it wont be notified in others (not friend) wall notification…
Just to add to post , FB has the right to access your photos and use it for ad Purposes in weekends unless you disable that option it can be done as follows:
Privacy settings>> ads>> social ads >>edit >>Pair my social actions with ads for<< select "No one" and save changes!
Poorani's comment give us some more info which will be helpful. Thanks Poorani.
To add to this, if you add any in “Restricted list”, they can’t see any of your posts and the privacy of your profile, will be as to the unknown for them. But if the restricted friend, added you as “Close friends”, still they get notify for all your likes, comments and shares.
While speaking FB's threat we need to think about FB apps also including games. We are allowing the app to access our details legally but we are not sure what happen to the data. Whatever can happen.
Also be careful while sharing place of birth, date of birth. Because in most of the phone based banking, these are the security question and Hackers will get you.
Yesterday i read one post from my office blog about cellphone nuisance to a girl. So i thought of sharing my comment for that blog to you all. I recently read one article saying if we are receiving prank calls, messages from unknown number, we can block that number by reporting customer care and that user's identity will be blackmarked by cyber crime. So that user will be blocked to take another number. But I'm not sure how effective this. But its helpful. Thanks to Vimal :)
Ya we are in unsecure and unsafe world. So Be aware and Think as criminal to escape from criminal.