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P.S. All characters in the story and Story is purely imaginary. Any resemblance is just a coincidence. Moreover, you will understand that it is imagination at the end of the story :P

My first story try. To make the theme simple I choose love as base. Hope you will like it :)  Bit lengthy. Sorry.


God wrote everyone’s story.  Love is one episode in it, which you can write as you wish :)  ♥
Three o clock in the morning. After failing in the struggle to get back the sleep, Swetha logged into her FB account. Her photo with dimple in cheeks reached 300 likes. Few commented as cute, nice with dear suffix.
“Dear? How dare?” She thought herself.
She felt everything as fake. Just a virtual liking. Few wants like back in their profile pic, Few trying to correct her and Few don’t have a idea why they are doing this.
“Sighhhh!”, with a big breath she signed off.
Now without knowing what to do, she just fell on the bed. And suddenly remembered her friend Abi who is working in night shifts. To check out her, Swetha signed in office communicator.The person who is signing in in the office mails/communicator from home at midnight is the real lonely person in the world. Her beautiful lips made a curve by thinking this :) OMG! Even that dark become mad after seeing her cute little smile  :)
Abi was online and the conversation started.
Swetha : Hey di! How are you?
Abi : Hey lusu! I’m good di. How are you?
Swetha : Me doing good di. Madam, very busy? No message!! :evil:
Abi : Hey sorry dear. become prey to the IT life machi :(
Swetha : Hey Chill down dear :) Get marry soon. You can escape ;)
Abi : Nah! Am i fool to lock myself in hell to escape from a hell?
Swetha : Lol! High five machi :D
Abi : Appuram, Madam! still awake? Boy friend slept? :D
Swetha : Hey Lusu! I’m gonna kill you :twisted: Here I couldn’t sleep and I’m bored di.
Abi :  :D :D
Swetha : Don’t laugh!! :evil: Give me some idea di. Very bored.
Abi : Chill dear! Interest to read blogs? I gave you a blog link. I won’t say He writes good, But Different. I like. Hope you like too.
Swetha : Love story series. No! I will die for that :P
Abi : No pa. It is poetry blog. Try it out.
Swetha : காதலிக்கப்படாதவன்? I hate his blog name di :( Why so negative?
Abi : Yeah. Every one hates that name di. If we ask he will have a answer to samalify us. But his most of the poems are love genre. You will like it.
Swetha : Rytu. Leave it!
Abi : ..
Swetha : Hey I like this line lot di. WoW :)
பத்திரமாய் திருப்பிக்கொடு
கடிதம் மட்டுமல்ல, என் இருதயத்தையும்.
வேறு யாருக்காவது பயன்படும். 
Different. Not offending the girl he loves :) Lucky she is :)
Abi : :D  But he is saying it differently
என் மனைவி அதிர்ஷ்டசாலி என்பதை
நீ சொன்ன பிறகு தான் தெரிந்தது
நான் துரதிர்ஷ்டசாலி என்பது… 
Swetha : So, someone is yet to become lucky ;)
Abi : Ahem! Ahem!! Sari ilaiayae….
Swetha : Po Lusu! Go and Work! Don’t chitchat it office :P
Abi : Rytu. Ini ellam apdi than :P Tata dear :)
Swetha : TaTa
Phew!! Very boring conversation? Yeah! I felt the same. But thanks to Abi. She gave us a wonderful blog ;)
Before 6! Swetha almost finished his 1 year poem.

உன்னிடம் கூட காதல் சொல்ல
பயமே இல்லை … இதை  தாண்டி
நீ என்ன சொல்லிவிடுவாய்
காதலிழந்தவர் எல்லொரும் அதிகம்
சொல்லும் பொய்யைத்தான்
நானும் சொல்லுவேன்…
எனக்கு வலிக்கவே இல்லை…

Her screen shows this while she wake up from his sleep by her mother’s shout.

“Crazy Guy”, Swetha smiled and thought of him while her mother’s reach her. She scold herself for thinking of some stranger suddenly and ran into bathroom to get ready. Thus the friday starts. [Wait! Funny friday? Not for a software engineer :( ]‘

And at office, Swetha almost forget about his blog in between EOD tasks and manager’s escalations. 

At that time, There was a mail pop up. It is from Blog admin for CEO’s blog. It was some blah! blah! about quarter revenues. Who cares really? She commented, “Kudos cognizant” as everyone and opened the new mail from his TL.

Suddenly! Swetha stood up and shouted, “OMG!! How come I forget that”. She didn’t care about the weird look given by her whole ODC. Her neighbour brought her back to reality.
Swetha unlocked her PC and typed that magic word. Screen smiles with காதாலிக்கப்படாதவன்[Not loved]. Swetha continued to read from where she left in morning and she failed to notice the Rajesh, Swetha’s TL coming behind her.

“Swetha!” Rajesh called Swetha, come and stand behind her for the mail he asked for.
Thanks to *Alt + Tab*, Swetha thought herself and “Rajesh! I just drafted the mail. Will drop you shortly” replied him. And she replied some blah blahs to the questions he asked and somehow get ridden of him.

She started reading… reading… reading… While she accidentally saw the watch, it shows 8 p.m.
:oops: It is the first day you are staying after 6 and that too in friday, thinking herself checked her mobile. She got 3 missed calls from Mom. She sent her message saying that she is on the way.
8.15 P.m. While Swetha was preparing to leave home.

Swetha thought ” I didn’t know that guys name. I didn’t notice it” :oops: Swetha’s hand finished typing the blog url while she was thinking of this.

His name is Ram. “Ram!” Swetha said it again. [Nice name la? First time Hero's name is Ram :P Not some Mechanical Karthik ;) ]

She decided write him about his blog, Noted his emp id in the mobile and flied to home. In the next 10 minutes, she was in her home dinning table eating her Mom’s poori. After big chat with her dad and mom, she bid them good night and locked herself inside her room.

Sony Vaio came to live and opened the mail window. She thought for the mail very long time. Nothing came.

She just write simply as “Hey! Hi, This is Swetha. I came across your blog today. Almost finished 2 years post of yours. Awesome man. Great work. Keep writing” and clicked sent.
When she is about to shutdown, Her windows 8 shows the notification that there is an mail. It is from Ram saying “Thanks Swetha. Thank you so much. I saw your likes today. Sorry was strucked up in work and unable to thank you. Keep reading :) :) :) :) :) “.
And the mail conversation continued…

Swetha : Hey! Cool :) No worries. In night shift? Didn’t sleep?

Ram : Nope, not in shift. Just came from office. I will be in blog for almost round the clock :P You? 
Didn’t sleep.

Swetha : Just about to sleep. Was saw your reply. Really good writing. Felt it is unique style and Very bold to talk openly. :)

Ram : Thanks again Swetha. “Adi vilatha vara thairiyama pesalam” :)

Swetha : Lol! Even your enemy will like your poem :) I liked it :)

Ram : Really! Wanna be my enemy then? :P

Swetha : With pleasure. Forever :P Are you not in OCS?

Ram : :mrgreen: Thanks yaar.

Nope :( Secure ODC :( But I will reply in mail Swetha :)

Swetha : Cool then :) Ok yaar, Feeling sleepy. Tata

Ram : Are you in FB? Can I send you a request? Tata

Swetha : Sure pa. Swetha Krishnan is the profile name.

Friend request – Likes – Comments – Chats. [Come on readers, develop the hints ;) Actually I really don't what this guys will chat daily and I don't have a experience] Swetha felt now that there is one real among all the fake likes, comments and Chats. Days flied like wind with smell of flowers and Their poetic chats continued.

And it is one fine day, Swetha got a message from a unknown number.

Unknow number : Hi

Swetha : *Ignored*

Unknown number : Hi Swetha,
எண்ணங்கள் தெரியாமல் கூட பேசலாம்.
எண்கள் தெரியாமல் எப்படி?

Swetha : Hey Ram! You :evil:

Ram : :D Chill down. Sorry Took your number from outlook. Can I?

Swetha : ** You already took :evil: **
Sure Kaathalikkapadathavan.

Ram : :)

Swetha : If you don’t mind, can i ask you one thing?

Ram : Sure Swetha. You can :)

Swetha : Y Kaathalikkapadathavan? Lot of love or Love failures?
Sorry If I’m not supposed to ask this.

Ram : **Felt excited. First time she is asking me about my love**
Nothing like that yaar. It is just a name i felt good. As many boys, I still don’t know to differentiate between crush and love. I can say I have had bad experiences with Crush.

Swetha : Come on. You too?

Ram : Hey.. What is wrong in it pa?

Swetha : How come you love many girls at a time? Ok it is not love. CRUSH. Don’t you guys think about the girl?

Ram : **O! Argument? No** **God help me to smalify**

Hey! Chill down. Think in this way. If a guy loves a girl one side and he moves on after failure doesn’t mean he hurts that girl’s feeling. Actually he is making that decision to make that girl happy. When this double side loving guys can’t have her one and only girl happy in their heart forever, this single side loving guy can keep two girls happy at a time[One is his ex and another is his current if he is in relationship]. One side loving guy and double side loving guy, whom you think hurts the girl most?

Swetha : Brilliant poetic rascal you are. I surrender :P But still you didn’t answer my question? Y Kathalikkapadathavan?

Ram : Ok. There is no one yet to accept me as such I’m now. To take the broken heart and make it alive again.

Swetha : What if you found one? You change the name?

Ram : ** I already did**
Nope. It still the same, meaning will be changing. அவளை போல் வேறு எவளாலும் காதலிக்கப்படாதவன்[Not loved by anyone as loved by her] :)

Swetha : WoW :)  Your girl is really lucky :)

Ram : You are 100th person saying this :) thanks :) Let see. I will be waiting for that luck one forever ;)

Ram : **12:00 am**

Happy Birthday Swetha :) Check your cognizant mail box for a surprise gift :)

P.S. Don’t scold me if you don’t like it.

Swetha : You found my birthday :) Thank you da. First wish :)

Swetha checked the mail. Ram sent a mail with subject “Can you be that lucky girl?” and with a attached poem.
பரிசென்று எதைக் கொடுப்பேன்?காதலை தவிர எதுவும் இல்லாத ஏழை நான். :)
Though Swetha liked this poem and him, She don’t want to take the decision in hurry.

Swetha : Wonderful poem. But Why are you proving that you are like normal other guys? You too finally proposed me?

Ram : Sorry :( But Why you too finally proving that you are like other girls?

Swetha : What you mean?

Ram : Even you like me, you don’t dare to accept it!

Swetha : Yes Ram. Because I know about the society. I don’t wanna hurt a good heart.

Ram : Come on. You already did.

Swetha :  :( :(

Ram : Sorry Just kidding :) Keep smiling dear. I don’t wish to see you cry. I said my love. If you like me, think of it or I’m ok.

Swetha : You are Ok? as you said in your poem?

Ram : Athu summa pa… Practical is different :)

Swetha : How come you sending smiley after all this?

Ram : **I don’t wanna cry now**
You only have to cry. You are losing me. You are unlucky.

Swetha : Dei :evil:

Ram : Ok chill dear! Atleast be my friend as of ever. I don’t wanna lose a friendship for this silly love.
[Don't say that you can be friend with your ex love. It is in your heart and mind. Be good and you can]

Swetha : Always da. Forever. But please forgive me and forget me. Move on.

Ram : Yesterday you watched VTV? :D Sure I will try.

Swetha : Dei :evil: Don’t laugh again :evil: :mad:

Ram : :lol: :D :mrgreen: :)
3 years later
Ram has posted a new item on “தாயுமானேன்” under the blog “காதலிக்கப்படாதவன்”.
தாயுமானேன்கையில் ஒரு பிள்ளை தந்தாள்
மடியில் ஒரு பிள்ளை உறங்க
My Sweetu and Papa doing good :D :D

Every story begins with “Once upon a time” and ends with “they lived happily ever after”. It is in your hand to make the episodes happier. Even it is not happier, you can change :) Keep smiling :)

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