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♥ Welcome Home ♥

|| My Older story - A Blogger's Love ||

Disc - All characters in the story and Story is purely imaginary. Any resemblance is just a coincidence.
Another Story try... Let see the result :)


Ram and Swetha (  ) just celebrated their 5th anniversary.

As a married couple, they are facing all the question which was  faced by couples earlier.

"Any special news?"
"When will you give as another treat?"
"I want to see my grand children!"

Enough! Marriages are not meant just for that. Ram and Swetha were tired of this questions. And another problem is suggestion of doctors, treatments, pills... O! God :(

Atlast God opened his eyes. Now no need to hear a stupid suggestions, Now they can give the most expected special news. :D

They know TODAY is the day which everyone was waiting more than RamSwetha. Boy or Girl, no problem for RamSwetha. Just they want another person to share the love of them.

Ram already booked cab for Swetha and family to go. He don't wanna rush at the last minute in chennai traffic and raise their BP, They already had enough.

Cab came. Ram gave the address to driver and helped Swetha to board the cab. Since they started earlier, Ram asked driver to go slow and steady.

Swetha closed her eyes tightly and held Ram's hand with a tight grip.

Ram pulled  Swetha closer and calmed her down by mildly playing with her hair. Swetha is able to hear the heart beat of Ram now. No  music can give this much peace. Swetha forgot all the pain and slept over  Ram's chest while they reached the place.

The board saying "Little hearts - Home for childrens Welcomes you" welcomed them, followed by smiling kids. Kids came running back to the car which is entering their home campus.

Swetha was terrified at first while getting down from the car. Then the Kid's smile brought her down. She became kid among the kids and started to play while Ram distributed the choclates ( Avvvv!! ♥ ) to kids.

Sister of the home ,came meanwhile.

Sister: Welcome Ram Swetha. I'm pleased to see you.

Ram : Thanks Mam!, Just another free weekend. So wished to spend it with Kids.

Sister : Any time Ram.

Ram : Mam! as we discussed earlier, we wanna adopt a kid. Swetha liked Divya kutti there. **Ram pointed the cute kid out there**

Sister : O! Cool. Divya is the cutest and brilliant kid in home. We were pleased to hear that God sent Divya's parents here .You just need to do few formalities and  sign a few forms. the kid is yours Ram. You can take Divya home.
And the Sister shared  formalities and rules book for adobtion. Read here.

Ram Swetha read that and accepted the norms, finished the formalites.
Now Swetha wake and went near Divya who was playing there.

Swetha : Hey

Divya : Hi **Smiled with a dimple and continued to play**

Swetha : You like me? Can you come with me? I will give you choclates, toys and send to you to school. You can study and become whatever you wish.

Divya : Only me? Can't we take Anitha, Abi, Raju too. I will miss them. :(

Swetha : No worry dear. We will come every weekend here and play with them.

Divya : Sooper. How can I call you?

Swetha : Mom!

Divya : **Divya lifted her head and Saw swetha** Mom?! What does it mean?

Swetha : Come with me. I will show you that.

Divya : **With a cute ever smile, she jumped into the hands of Swetha**

Ram and Swetha returned home with their happiness.
பிள்ளை பெற்று
மடி சுரக்கத்தேவை இல்லை.
அன்பு சுரக்கும்
யாருமே மலடும் இல்லை.


P.S. - Don't you have kids? Still waiting? Come on! He/She doesn't need to born to you. He/She may have born already and waiting for you at some home. Go and get your happiness.

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